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Get Clean Without the Poisions

Hi You Beautiful Healthy Person You!

Did you know that when you are trying to get me and your house clean that you could be putting us and your family in a world of danger? It is awful to think that the soaps and detergents you might use to scrub me down are actually super hazardous to my health, isn’t it? But sadly it is true.

If you are using regular soaps, cleaning supplies, and detergents then you are putting us and your family at huge risks for a multitude of health problems such as various cancers, liver toxicity, allergies, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.

Now I know you don’t want to be doing this to me and us, so all I ask is you read up on the subject and find some brands that don’t contain these toxic ingredients. This way we can be both clean and healthy at the same time!

Rub- A- Dub- Dub!

I Love You

Your Body


We are constantly bombarded by toxins in our outside world, yet many people don’t stop to think about how toxic their homes could actually be. Most regular detergents, soaps, deodorants, and other cleaning supplies are filled with cancer causing and toxic ingredients. Why aren’t these products labeled with warnings you may be wondering? Well that is a great question to ask the FDA. Currently companies do not have to put warning labels on toxic products that have definite links to degenerative diseases and illness. So, it is up to us as the consumer to get educated and choose new products that won’t make us sick. These chemicals come into
There are lots of natural brands out there that are actually making good products but the one I use the most for cleaning and detergent purposes is SEVENTH GENERATION. I like them because they use non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, and they are still affordable. You can even find their products at your local Target or super market. Another brand I really like is Begley’s Best-Environmentally Friendly Products. They have an amazing stain remover and their detergents are great too, especially for babies and young children.
For even more information about how to detoxify your body and home from these chemicals check out my book, The Silent Scandal-The Toxic Attack on Our Bodies, which will give you a broad range of health tips including detoxing your home environment.