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An Attitude of Gratitude…Always.

Hello lovely humans,

In light of the tragedies in Boston on Monday it felt heavy on my heart to write a post about GRATITUDE. You may be wondering how an act of horrific terror could cause me to think of being grateful, but let me explain. Most of us are so busy in our daily lives that we forget to be grateful for the small things, myself included!  And as we know, the end, the smallest things in life are all that matter. A hug from your child, saying I love you to your spouse, taking a leisurely walk in your perfectly functioning body, and so many other priceless moments of  life that we often let slip by without a second thought. All of those things are things to be grateful for. I bet every single person that was a victim of these tragedies would give anything to have those simple life moments back, whether they lost a loved one, or are now left with a missing limb or other serious condition. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like this to wake up the rest of us to look at our own lives and be grateful for every single second, every precious memory, and every life moment. It can be so easy to get lost in the sadness and lose our hope and our gratitude.

Love and Gratitude are the two most powerful vibrations we can emit out into the world, so it is important to remember them always, not just in the face of loss. I teach my 4-year-old to always have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE for the things she has in life. When she acts up, which isn’t a lot,  we will have a talk about what gratitude is and why we must always be grateful for the things we have, do, and who we are. Before we go to bed at night we also say a prayer and tell GOD the things we were grateful for in our day.  Sometimes if I am having a tough day or acting up in my own right, she will gently remind me, “Mommy, don’t forget to have an attitude of gratitude!” This makes me so happy to know that she is learning this life lesson. It is a lesson that we will all  have to continually remind ourselves for the rest of our life. Some days it is so easy, and other days it can be very hard. However, I guarantee if you start to practice this technique of having and Attitude of Gratitude daily it will begin to bless and change your life.

Even in the face of loss, tragedy, fear, despair, and sadness, there can always be something we can find to be grateful for. Even when it seems impossible, Love and Gratitude are always there.  This is true because at our core as humans all we really are is Love. When  my best friend, Amanda, passed away last year from Cancer, I was having the hardest time finding my hope and gratitude. It was such a difficult time but what got me through it was always remembering that no matter how sick she was or how bad her day was going, she would always find something to be grateful for. Whether it was that the sun was shinning that day, or that she had less pain on one side of her body, or that she got to spend some time with friends…she never gave up her Attitude of Gratitude!! Watching her strength and courage changed me to my core and it is something I will always remember and try my best to live by.

gratitudeSo in honor of all of the victims of Boston, let us be grateful for our own lives, take nothing for granted,  savor every moment of life, and send only Love and Peace out into the world. May God Bless and Heal each human that was affected by the bombings.


With Love and Gratitude,


Gratitude_Journal1HEALTH TIP OF THE DAY-Write A Gratitude List Daily:

Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for every night before bed. This will increase your vibrational frequency and start to change what you attract into you life. It will also help lift your mood in times of sadness or sorrow .




I Love You Everyday!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Did you know you are the love of my life? That is right, I love everything about you, no matter what you do. It is purely unconditional love that will never change.

All I ask is you please remember this when you are upset. Remember that I am here to support you, honor you, and help you through life. All I can hope for, is you will treat me the same.

I know you will now, won’t you?!

Love, Love, Love, Love, Your Guts!

Your Body!


Dr Masura Emoto, proved in his research just how powerful words like LOVE can be. He experimented with taking words like Love vs words like Hate, and putting them on water. What he found was extraordinary in that the words that were positive made beautiful crystals, while the negative words created ugly shapes and colors. Since we know the human body is mostly water, this theory proved that how we talk to ourselves and others has a profound effect on the communication between our cells and bodily functions. This makes it extremely important to talk to others and most importantly ourselves in a loving manner. Love and Gratitude are the two strongest vibrational words in the world. Lets remember to only speak love unto ourselves and others, and see the miracles that can take place with our health and lives, not just on Valentines Day, but everyday.