Bring On the Fat!

Hello there!

Did you know that if you give me the right nutrients, I will never give you complications, your weight would stay balanced, and you would feel amazing?

In fact, what you think I want, is often not what I need. You worry too much about FAT and so you put the wrong things in me.

I actually need FAT and I crave it! Yes, you heard me, I need more FAT! Give it to me please, I am begging you!

I love you,

Your Body


Did you know that most Americans are deficient in fat? That is right, we are majorly undernourished in good healthy fats! We may stuff our faces with “fat” all day, but that is not what the body needs. An easy and quick way to increase the amount of good fats your body is getting is to eat fresh, raw, avocados. You can simply just cut one in half and scoop out the middle with a spoon and enjoy. This quick and healthy snack provides the body with essential fats, proteins, and helps to stabilize blood sugars. Eating an avocado plain first thing in the morning can have a positive effect on how you feel the rest of the day. It is also a great energy boosting snack in the afternoon. These tasty treats are also a good source of Vitamin K, Potassium, Folate, Vitamins E and C, Magnesium, and of course Monounsaturated Fat.  So, start giving your body what it is craving… Good Healthy Fat!


Get Clean Without the Poisions

Hi You Beautiful Healthy Person You!

Did you know that when you are trying to get me and your house clean that you could be putting us and your family in a world of danger? It is awful to think that the soaps and detergents you might use to scrub me down are actually super hazardous to my health, isn’t it? But sadly it is true.

If you are using regular soaps, cleaning supplies, and detergents then you are putting us and your family at huge risks for a multitude of health problems such as various cancers, liver toxicity, allergies, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.

Now I know you don’t want to be doing this to me and us, so all I ask is you read up on the subject and find some brands that don’t contain these toxic ingredients. This way we can be both clean and healthy at the same time!

Rub- A- Dub- Dub!

I Love You

Your Body


We are constantly bombarded by toxins in our outside world, yet many people don’t stop to think about how toxic their homes could actually be. Most regular detergents, soaps, deodorants, and other cleaning supplies are filled with cancer causing and toxic ingredients. Why aren’t these products labeled with warnings you may be wondering? Well that is a great question to ask the FDA. Currently companies do not have to put warning labels on toxic products that have definite links to degenerative diseases and illness. So, it is up to us as the consumer to get educated and choose new products that won’t make us sick. These chemicals come into
There are lots of natural brands out there that are actually making good products but the one I use the most for cleaning and detergent purposes is SEVENTH GENERATION. I like them because they use non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, and they are still affordable. You can even find their products at your local Target or super market. Another brand I really like is Begley’s Best-Environmentally Friendly Products. They have an amazing stain remover and their detergents are great too, especially for babies and young children.
For even more information about how to detoxify your body and home from these chemicals check out my book, The Silent Scandal-The Toxic Attack on Our Bodies, which will give you a broad range of health tips including detoxing your home environment.

An Attitude of Gratitude…Always.

Hello lovely humans,

In light of the tragedies in Boston on Monday it felt heavy on my heart to write a post about GRATITUDE. You may be wondering how an act of horrific terror could cause me to think of being grateful, but let me explain. Most of us are so busy in our daily lives that we forget to be grateful for the small things, myself included!  And as we know, the end, the smallest things in life are all that matter. A hug from your child, saying I love you to your spouse, taking a leisurely walk in your perfectly functioning body, and so many other priceless moments of  life that we often let slip by without a second thought. All of those things are things to be grateful for. I bet every single person that was a victim of these tragedies would give anything to have those simple life moments back, whether they lost a loved one, or are now left with a missing limb or other serious condition. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like this to wake up the rest of us to look at our own lives and be grateful for every single second, every precious memory, and every life moment. It can be so easy to get lost in the sadness and lose our hope and our gratitude.

Love and Gratitude are the two most powerful vibrations we can emit out into the world, so it is important to remember them always, not just in the face of loss. I teach my 4-year-old to always have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE for the things she has in life. When she acts up, which isn’t a lot,  we will have a talk about what gratitude is and why we must always be grateful for the things we have, do, and who we are. Before we go to bed at night we also say a prayer and tell GOD the things we were grateful for in our day.  Sometimes if I am having a tough day or acting up in my own right, she will gently remind me, “Mommy, don’t forget to have an attitude of gratitude!” This makes me so happy to know that she is learning this life lesson. It is a lesson that we will all  have to continually remind ourselves for the rest of our life. Some days it is so easy, and other days it can be very hard. However, I guarantee if you start to practice this technique of having and Attitude of Gratitude daily it will begin to bless and change your life.

Even in the face of loss, tragedy, fear, despair, and sadness, there can always be something we can find to be grateful for. Even when it seems impossible, Love and Gratitude are always there.  This is true because at our core as humans all we really are is Love. When  my best friend, Amanda, passed away last year from Cancer, I was having the hardest time finding my hope and gratitude. It was such a difficult time but what got me through it was always remembering that no matter how sick she was or how bad her day was going, she would always find something to be grateful for. Whether it was that the sun was shinning that day, or that she had less pain on one side of her body, or that she got to spend some time with friends…she never gave up her Attitude of Gratitude!! Watching her strength and courage changed me to my core and it is something I will always remember and try my best to live by.

gratitudeSo in honor of all of the victims of Boston, let us be grateful for our own lives, take nothing for granted,  savor every moment of life, and send only Love and Peace out into the world. May God Bless and Heal each human that was affected by the bombings.


With Love and Gratitude,


Gratitude_Journal1HEALTH TIP OF THE DAY-Write A Gratitude List Daily:

Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for every night before bed. This will increase your vibrational frequency and start to change what you attract into you life. It will also help lift your mood in times of sadness or sorrow .



Think Healthy, Be Healthy

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day and I want you to remember that how you talk to me is very important. When you fill me with loving words, positive affirmations, and energy… I thrive. When you fill me with fear, doubt, stress, and worry, I start to die.

Here are some ways you can help be more in tune with me and give me what I need. Take 10 seconds today,( yes only 10!) sit quietly and ask me this questions…”Body, what do you need right now?”. I will always answer you!

I love you,

Your Body

PS… There is no such thing as a “Case of the Monday’s” in my world!



perilous-thoughts-negative-self-talkHEALTH TIP OF THE DAY: NEGATIVE THOUGHTS CAN MAKE YOU SICK!

Research shows that negative thoughts can actually decrease your life span and cause an array of health problems in the body. When your mind thinks negative thoughts the body can respond by activating the flight or fight response. When this happens other vital bodily functions can be put on hold like blood cell production, digestion, circulation, healing and immune system response. Chemicals are released in the body to help our muscles in the fight or flight response, but if we are just sitting around thinking negative thoughts this can be very detrimental, since we will not actively use these chemicals for what they were meant to do. Our systems are thus put on hold, which can open us up to disease and illness since our immune system is temporarily out of service. We may also find ourselves feeling fatigue, aches and pains, digestive issues, and a slower recovery from illnesses.
Bottom line: Think good thoughts! You will feel better, and your body will thank you!

Pass the Salt Please

Hey there!

Sometimes I might get a cold and need some extra care. So what are the things that really help me get better? You may be thinking antibiotics from the doctor, and while sometimes I do need those, most of the time I can my system back on track with some natural remedies that really get me going again!

One of the things that I need a lot of, but you always give me the wrong kind, is salt. My body craves salt but not the table salt kind that makes me feel puffy and thirsty. This kind of salt is loaded with minerals, has antibacterial properties and can really help me heal. Read up on how these two forms of salt can make you and I feel extra fantastic!

Here’s to spicing things up a bit!

I Love You!
Your Body


You may not have ever realized this, but not all salt is created equal. There is salt that is bad for the body, which would be our everyday table salt, and then there is salt that the body actually is deficient in and needs more of. Sodium chloride, which the element that is left after salt is chemically cleaned, is the main ingredient of table salt. Because the salt has been processed this is not its natural form, and the body recognizes it as a foreign thing. When regular salt is cleaned it is stripped of over 60 important trace minerals that we really need, then of course the manufactures add more chemicals to make it even worse for us.

So what kind of salt should we be eating? The two best kinds of salt to consume regularly are Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Salt. These forms of natural salts can do wonders for the body, and are essential to consume daily. Here are some of the amazing health benefits that you can receive from these salts according to Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D.

-Salt is a strong antiseptic and antihistamine.
-Salt extracts excess acidity from our cells, especially our brain cells.
-Salt is necessary for the kidneys to excrete excess acid in the urine.
-Salt is crucial in the treatment of emotional and affective disorders.
-Salt is vital in cancer prevention and treatment.
-Salt helps regulate sleep.
-Salt helps balance blood sugar, and decreases the need for insulin.

Another great natural remedy is to gargle with luke warm water with these salts dissolved in the water, to kick a sore throat or nagging cough.

Grab some peace of mind

Good Day!

Well I hope it is at least. 🙂 I know you get stressed when you have those days where you just feel like you can’t win, your overwhelmed, and your brain just can’t seem to stay quiet for a second. The mind can be our own worst enemy or it can be our best friend, but it needs some training every now and again. Actually it really needs training every single day but I don’t want to add more stress to your plate. Just know that taking a few minutes a day to do some breathing can really make a whole world of difference for us!  So here’s to making it a great day and channeling our inner yogi!


Your Body


peaceof mind

You can’t really put a price on having peace of mind can you? While many people strive for peace in their daily lives, few know how to grasp it.  In  our busy over filled lives, peace may seem too far-fetched, but with this easy exercise, it is right at your finger tips. Practicing breathing exercises daily can not only give you the peace of mind you’re looking for but it can also add years to your life. Stress both mental and physical is related to 99% of illnesses and diseases. So can you really not afford to take a few minutes a day to slow your mind down and breathe?
Here is a simple yet powerful exercise that can transform you from stressed out to peaceful in just minutes.

-Sit quietly and comfortably with feet on the ground or cross-legged

-Take 3 deep breathes in and exhale

-On 4th breath start to count only on exhale

-With each exhale count, starting at 1 and go all the way to 100. Remember you are only counting on exhales.( example, breath in, breath out count 1,2 3, 4, 5, 6,.. until your out of air, then inhale again and start from the number you left off)

-Once you get to 100 do the same process counting backwards till 1.

-Repeat this as long as you can stay focused on your counting.

-This process increases oxygen to the brain, stimulates your brain waves to function in a higher state, and relaxes the body

-Practice causing peace daily and see your life improve on many levels.

Did You Forget to Shower….On the Inside?

Hello Sunshine!

Would you ever, ever think of not taking a shower for more than a day or so?  Imagine what you would feel like, and I would look like on the outside if we just stopped showering all together?

Pretty gross picture right? We would probably smell bad, have no friends, and just feel icky all the time.

So my question is, why don’t you shower me on the inside? It is just as important if not more, the only difference is no one can see how stinky and dirty I am in here! So please make it a priority to cleanse me regularly! I love it, and that is how I get clean on the inside.

Lets make us sparkle inside and out!

I Love You!
Your Body


Cleansing the body on the inside is essential to our overall health, just as showering on the outside is. The issue is that most Americans don’t do this regularly, or worse yet, they never do. Without properly cleansing on the inside, the body becomes overloaded with toxins and impurities that get trapped in fat cells, tissues, and organs. We are exposed to these toxins from air, food, and water, and our bodies have to fight daily to protect us. One of the ways it does protect us is to cover extra toxins with fat and water so that we don’t die. Whole body cleansing allows the system to release these impurities easily and safely to ensure that the body can function at the highest potential. Without cleansing regularly our systems and organs get overloaded and start to shut down, leading to illness and disease. Regular cleansing of your vital organs and cells is essential for overall health and vitality. It will increase your energy, boost your immune system, help you lose pounds and inches, gain lean muscle, and make you feel fabulous from the inside out. For more information on full body cleansing click here and watch this short clip