Help my book get to #1 on Amazon…Tomorrow!!!


Hi there!

I am so excited to announce that tomorrow, ( Tuesday August 13th) Motivational Press will be officially releasing my first full-length book, The Silent Scandal! I have worked for the last 3 years on this book to bring you the most comprehensive overview of the toxic world that we are all living in, and how you can take back control of your health now! I have really poured my heart and soul into this project so I am hoping you all love the book!!

I hope that over time I have helped you in some way, as right now I really need your help to promote the book and get it to #1 on Amazon this Tuesday! I was so grateful when Motivational Press contacted me and wanted to sign me as their new Author…. so I really need to make a great first impression. 🙂

Since I know all of my readers are amazing, and you all care about your health, I am requesting that you spread this message to everyone you know.  Share with them this knowledge so they can learn how to get healthy and empowered too!  Now, please share this link below on any/all of your social media outlets and through your email contacts. Please, please, pretty please 🙂

If you are planning on placing orders, please do them on Tuesday August 13th,  as Amazon only counts a 24 hr period  for a book to go to the top of their list.

I really believe the topics in this book can not only change your life but the lives of people you love and care about. So please spread the word!!

Here is the link to use when promoting the book. It as all the information about the book, links to purchase your copies, and a video from me to you. 🙂

I Love you all, and I am soooo grateful for each of you that support my journey to change the health of America!


Brittney xoxo

Ps. For those of you that promote this for me, I have a special surprise gift for you!!! So after you have promoted the link fill out this form so I can get you your special prize!! 🙂


One response to “Help my book get to #1 on Amazon…Tomorrow!!!

  1. Hi!! I posted it!! So happy for you!! Congrats! Xxoo Judy

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