Do you have a case of the Mondays??

Top of the morning to you!

Do you ever suffer from a case of the Mondays? I know that many people can feel like their bodies and minds are just not working properly come Monday morning for a variety of reason. I also know that Mondays statistically are the most common day of the week to suffer from a heart attack. So why does this day give us so much stress, and how can you help me get through it without a major health altering event? The answer lies in always putting me first! That may sound selfish of me, but it the long run you will thank me.

Here’s to the best Mondays of your life!

Love Your Body



For many people, especially Americans, Mondays serve as a day that brings different stress factors to the surface. If you are one of the 46% of people who don’t like their job, then you might be feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, in your stomach, and smashing your heart, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning.  So how do we stop this Manic Monday phenomenon? Follow these simple tips below and watch your Mondays transform from mechanical to magical!

1. Sleep: Get at least 8 hours of rest on Sunday night

2. Have a nutritious breakfast! Staring your day off with the right nutrients is essential for your brain function and energy for the rest of the day. Choose a meal that is rich in brain boosting minerals like a healthy super food shake or smoothie.

3. Take a Multi-vitamin: Scientific research from the Council  For Responsible Nutrition( CRN)  showed that taking a multivitamin regularly, especially one with minerals can help a variety of health issues. (When choosing a vitamin make sure to look for a high quality brand and not one found at the drug store.)

4. Go for Meatless Mondays: Even if you are a meat eater, opting for at least one day a week of a plant-based diet can improve your health on multiple levels. If you are someone who tends to grab fast foods when your stressed, set a goal to grab a healthy salad instead. Or, prep a healthy lunch the night before so you don’t feel tempted to pull through the drive thru.

5. Drink Water Instead of Caffeinated Beverages: When your body is dehydrated you can suffer from a variety of health aliments including low energy, headaches, fatigue, and even depression. A recent study done by the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory, found that even mild dehydration was linked to mental, emotional, and cognitive issues such as poor mental clarity,  low energy levels, and mood instability. So make sure to make water a priority everyday, not just on Mondays!

6. Get Some Fresh Air: If you are someone who works in doors in an office setting sometimes being stuck inside all day can affect your mood. Try taking a few 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day just to walk outside and breathe some fresh air. Do some light stretches and get our blood flowing. This will not only lift your mood but will also help your body cope with the stresses of the day.



One response to “Do you have a case of the Mondays??

  1. Love this one!!! Thanks britt! Missing you.



    Minta Allred

    Inspiration is an unlimited power.

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