Antibiotics are the modern-day go to for you to pump into me when I am down and out. But are they really the end all be all for health and for me? As your body, I want you to know that I am not Anti-Antibiotics, as there may be a time and place that I really need them…. But,  I would love for you to just explore some healthy alternatives that might get us a little more bang for our buck and boost my immune system in the process.

Nature usually has the answers… I am just saying 🙂

Love Your Body


Oil of Oregano- Natures Powerful Antibiotic


When Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928 it was a miracle. His discovery saved many lives and since his time Antibiotics have become the go to health fix for many types of health issues. It seems now a days that doctors will prescribe Antibiotics for just about anything. The problem is that antibiotic resistance is building up and when you take Antibiotics you are also killing a lot of good bacteria along with the bad. This process can throw off your whole system leading to various other health issues. When in doubt about your health, looking to nature is always a good thing to do. So what is one of nature’s most powerful Antibiotics? Oil of Oregano, is a powerful natural antibiotic that has proven to be even more powerful than Fleming’s penicillin.

This potent Oil, which comes from remote regions of the Mediterranean ,was used by Greeks as a cure for may health issues. Oil of Oregano has shown to be powerful against fungal infections, candida, cold and flu viruses, E coli, Staphylococcus, Listeria, allergies, digestive issues,  and yeast infections to name a few. It also has anticarcinogenic properties  that may help to protect the body and skin from cancers. All in all it is a very powerful substance and one that should be a staple in your alternative medicine cabinet. This oil can be taking internally and also placed directly on skin for rashes or other skin ailments.

In our modern-day world filled with prescription drugs and other chemicals it is a breath of fresh air to have a natural secret weapon that is powerful against so many health issues. When purchasing Oil of Oregano make sure to research the brand, potency, and purity of the oil as you want to ensure you get the quality you deserve.


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