I Love You Everyday!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Did you know you are the love of my life? That is right, I love everything about you, no matter what you do. It is purely unconditional love that will never change.

All I ask is you please remember this when you are upset. Remember that I am here to support you, honor you, and help you through life. All I can hope for, is you will treat me the same.

I know you will now, won’t you?!

Love, Love, Love, Love, Your Guts!

Your Body!


Dr Masura Emoto, proved in his research just how powerful words like LOVE can be. He experimented with taking words like Love vs words like Hate, and putting them on water. What he found was extraordinary in that the words that were positive made beautiful crystals, while the negative words created ugly shapes and colors. Since we know the human body is mostly water, this theory proved that how we talk to ourselves and others has a profound effect on the communication between our cells and bodily functions. This makes it extremely important to talk to others and most importantly ourselves in a loving manner. Love and Gratitude are the two strongest vibrational words in the world. Lets remember to only speak love unto ourselves and others, and see the miracles that can take place with our health and lives, not just on Valentines Day, but everyday.


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