Just Say No

I know you get busy sometimes and need to feed me, which I appreciate, but can we just make a pact that you promise not to pull through one of those drive through things and eat those fake foods that make me really sick?!

If you wouldn’t put harsh drugs in me like cocaine or heroine, than please don’t eat fast food either, as it has a similar effect on me!

Best bet is to just plan ahead, bring some snacks with you, and cook at home more.

I will be your #1 fan if you do!

I Love You,
Your Body

brain_junk_food_090727_mnHEALTH TIP OF THE DAY: JUST SAY NO TO FAST FOOD!

There has been numerous studies conducted over the years linking the effects of fast food ingredients to addictive properties in the brain, just like the effects of narcotic drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Fast food companies have such a strong hold in the market place that many people have never even heard about this research, so they continue to eat these types of food, and worse yet, they feed them to their children. One of the newest studies on this subject was published in March of 2010 in “Nature Neuroscience” which linked the effects

of high-fat, high-calorie fast food to those of cocaine or heroin in the animals that were tested. The research showed that the pleasure-center in the brains of the rats tested were overstimulated from the fast food ingredients the same way that happens when an addict would binge on cocaine for instance. These brain pleasure centers eventually would become overloaded and need more and more of the fast food to function normally, which is the same principle with narcotic abuse. If you or anyone you know has ever dealt with a fast food addiction or any other addiction for that matter, you know this to be true. The more you put those chemicals in the body the more the body craves them.
The fast food industry knows the damaging process of their foods yet they continue to market their products to young children and the general public. It is up to us individually to become educated on what is really in this food, and make the choice to consume foods that actually feed the body and not kill the body. Bottom line, if you would not do drugs like cocaine or heroin then you should also think long and hard before you consume fast food. There are many healthy, affordable, quick food options out there now, so become empowered today and just “Say No To Fast Food”.


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