Just Brush

Rise and Shine!

What is the first thing you do when we get up in the am?? I hope you said brush your teeth! Not only is brushing our teeth important for our dental health, but did you know it affects all of our organs as well? If we don’t brush and floss well we are more likely to succumb to some pretty nasty diseases and illnesses that I know neither one of us want to have!

So brush, brush, brush away!

I Love You,
Your Body


We have all heard the importance of making sure to brush and floss our teeth, but did you know that there are many other reasons to do this besides protecting our precious smile? Dental health is directly related to the overall health of the rest of our body. Inflammation and bacteria in our teeth and gums can be contributing factors to many common health problems and disease. For example, gum disease and heart disease often go hand in hand. Up to 91% of patients with heart disease have periodontitis, compared to 66% of people with no heart disease. Poor dental hygiene is also related to Diabetes. Inflammation that starts in the mouth seems to weaken the body’s ability to control blood sugar. People with diabetes have trouble processing sugar because of a lack of insulin, the hormone that converts sugar into energy. So now we have many reasons to make the extra effort to take care of our mouths not only so we can look good when we smile, but also so we can live healthy and disease free.
Be sure when you are brushing that you are using an Fluoride Free toothpaste, as fluoride is extremely toxic and damaging to the body. It does not protect you against cavities as we have been told. In fact, fluoride has been  linked to many health problems such as cancers, allergies, digestive issues, brain health, and more. For more information on the damaging effects of fluoride visit http://www.fluridealert.org.


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