Crazy For Coconuts

When we were babies we got super strong off our Mommy’s milk, but now that we are older it is hard to know what kind of milk is really good for us. Isn’t it?

You have been told your whole life that cow’s milk, “Does a Body Good!” but I have to tell you the truth….. I don’t really like it at all!!

In fact, it can make me really sick and slow if I have too much of it. But hey the good news is you’re trying, but the bad news is I am not a baby cow so this milk stuff just needs to go!

My intuition says that there are lots of other choices for “milk” type options out there we just have to look a little harder.

I know you will!

Gosh, I love our chats… and I LOVE YOU!!



Not only is coconut milk super delicious, but it is highly nutritious too! This tasty beverage is a wonderful alternative for regular milk and provides the body with many essential nutrients that are much better for you that what is in cow’s milk. It is better for the environment to drink, costs about the same as regular milk, is great for cooking and baking, and kids love it too!
Coconut in most forms is a powerful healing superfood that can help the body with a multitude of health issues. One of the benefits of coconut milk is that it contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). The MCFAs in coconut oil are easily digested, absorbed, and put to use nourishing the body. Unlike other fats, they put little strain on the digestive system and provide a quick source of energy necessary to promote healing. This is important for patients who are using every ounce of strength they have to overcome serious illness or injury. MCFA are even added to infant formulas to ensure proper health in new borns.

If you are a coffee drinker a great alternative to toxic coffee creamers is to add coconut milk creamer to your coffee drinks or even teas.

The bottom line is there is no reason to drink a ton of cow’s milk because you can substitute with a healthy alternative that is even more delicious and does not harm your body in any way.


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