Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamin…. Sea??


It may be no secret to you that I love the beach! You know better than anyone that when we are there we both just feel better, don’t you agree? So, you might be wondering what it is exactly that makes us both so happy by the beach. Maybe it’s the fun we have when we are there, or the company that is with us, or the sun, or maybe all of the above.  But the truth is the ocean is not just good for lifting our mood, but it also contains many healing properties as well. I am begging you.. before the summer is totally over, take me down to the sea at least once. If you don’t have access to the beach, try the tips below at home to give my body the healing sea boost I crave!

Adventure awaits!

I Love you,

Your Body


People usually feel much happier, relaxed, and healthy when they are by the sea, but why? We may have all heard over time the “healing benefits” of the sea. But what exactly does it heal? And what parts of the ocean are really good for us? Research shows that the ocean helps heal us and benefits us in a multitude of ways. Here are just a few facts of what the ocean can do for us health wise:

-Research shows that the sound of the waves alter wave patterns in the brain resulting in a calmer state and reducing stress

-The minerals in the ocean’s water help with many skin issues such as acne, rosacea, ezema, and other skin conditions. Studies also suggest that these minerals even help to balance depression.

-Iodine, a mineral found in ocean water, boosts thyroid function and improves the immune system.

-Waves crashing on the shore release negative ions which helps to counter act the free radicals in the air. This allows us to have better mental concentration and boosst our immune systems too.

-Swimming in ocean water helps improve blood circulation to our vital organs.

– Studies show that the minerals in the sea air not only decrease stress but the salt also helps to maintain serotonin, tryptamine, and melatonin levels in your brain which of course are our ‘feel good’ brain chemicals that help ward of depression and sadness.

If you can’t make it down to the water’s edge to get some of these amazing benefits you can also take some wonderful supplements from the sea to improve health or bring the ocean into your home.

– Take Spirulina :  This nutrient rich blue-green algae is a one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet. It is packed with phytonutrients  such as carotenoids, antioxidants,  and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It is a great source of vegetarian and vegan protein. It helps to boost the immune system, increase brain and cardiovascular function, and is easily digestible. I take Spirulina every day in my healthy greens.

– Kelp: Increasing sea kelp in your diet can help to stimulate thyroid function as well as provide a healthy mineral rich alternative to sodium in cooking. It is packed with immune boosting iodine and  there are many other health benefits to taking kelp which you can read about them here.

So make sure not to forget to take your Vitamin Sea so you can also be sea cured.



Depressed? Spice up your Life!


Every now and again…we all might feel a little blue. While my red blood does run true blue, I am not talking about that. I am talking about when our minds just don’t feel that happy or excited about life. As your body, this is very concerning to me because I want you to, not only be happy, but healthy too. It may seem easier to pop a pill or pour a ‘not so healthy’ beverage for yourself instead of something else… but in the long run this will not help, but actually hurt the both of us more. So, what am I suggesting? I am suggesting you spice up your life! By adding this simple spice to your diet you can easily increase your mood and balance your attitude.  So say bye-bye to the blues!

You know I am always on the look out for you!

I love you,

Your Body!


Recent research published in Phytotherapy Research, indicates that the
spice turmeric, which is what gives curry that pretty orange color, is a highly potent spice that helps to boost moods naturally. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has also been shown to assist the body in combating a variety of health issues from various cancers, to diabetes, and heart disease. This spice has been used in India for years and has many healing properties both internally and externally. The study indicated that turmeric was more effective at balancing moods in extremely depressed people when compared to its medical counterpart, Prozac – which has been linked to other serious health issues like suicidal tendencies and mental disorders. Turmeric seems to be a safe, inexpensive, effective, and yummy way to combat depression naturally.

I personally consume turmeric almost daily. It is a great spice to cook and juice with, and also sprinkle on salads or dips. One of my favorite ways to consume turmeric is to sprinkle on a fresh avocado and eat with a spoon. It is also amazing in soups and even hot tea!  So spice up your life and health with this potent healing ingredient. Check out my Raw Cashew Curry recipe below that contains this happy spice!

Brittney’s Raw Cashew Curry

* Can be used as a sauce or a dip

1 cup of organic raw unsalted cashews (soaked)

2 table spoons of organic coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt

1 tablespoon of organic turmeric

2 table spoons of water

*raw organic garlic is option for added spice

* adjust thickness of mixture by adding more or less water.

Soak cashews in bowl of water for at least an hour, then place all ingredients in food processor or blender and blend till creamy.  Enjoy! 😉


Help my book get to #1 on Amazon…Tomorrow!!!


Hi there!

I am so excited to announce that tomorrow, ( Tuesday August 13th) Motivational Press will be officially releasing my first full-length book, The Silent Scandal! I have worked for the last 3 years on this book to bring you the most comprehensive overview of the toxic world that we are all living in, and how you can take back control of your health now! I have really poured my heart and soul into this project so I am hoping you all love the book!!

I hope that over time I have helped you in some way, as right now I really need your help to promote the book and get it to #1 on Amazon this Tuesday! I was so grateful when Motivational Press contacted me and wanted to sign me as their new Author…. so I really need to make a great first impression. 🙂

Since I know all of my readers are amazing, and you all care about your health, I am requesting that you spread this message to everyone you know.  Share with them this knowledge so they can learn how to get healthy and empowered too!  Now, please share this link below on any/all of your social media outlets and through your email contacts. Please, please, pretty please 🙂

If you are planning on placing orders, please do them on Tuesday August 13th,  as Amazon only counts a 24 hr period  for a book to go to the top of their list.

I really believe the topics in this book can not only change your life but the lives of people you love and care about. So please spread the word!!

Here is the link to use when promoting the book. It as all the information about the book, links to purchase your copies, and a video from me to you. 🙂

I Love you all, and I am soooo grateful for each of you that support my journey to change the health of America!


Brittney xoxo

Ps. For those of you that promote this for me, I have a special surprise gift for you!!! So after you have promoted the link fill out this form so I can get you your special prize!! 🙂

Happy Healthy Summer!

Howdy Ya’ll,

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy summer! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I am sure you have all been too busy relaxing in the sun to really notice anyway :).  Summer is one of my favorite times of year and it is also one of the busiest times of year for our family. ( I am sure you can relate!) 

Summer is a time when most people fall off the “health bandwagon” because their schedules are just too jam packed with bbqs, beach trips, family reunions, weddings and the like, that are often fueled and filled with not so healthy food choices.  Pretty soon summer can turn into our most unhealthy months if we are not careful. While I love to enjoy myself at a party and a good bbq I also try to stay on track with my health goals as much as I can.

Here are my 3 simple healthy living summertime tips to keep you hydrated, healthy, and of course happy.

Happy Healthy Summer Tips:


1. Drink an 8 oz glass of room temp water first thing when you get up in the morning. This will get your system moving from the day before and help start your day on a healthy track. Also I carry my filtered water bottle with me everywhere I go and sip on it constantly throughout the day to stay hydrated.

2. Have one meal loaded with greens a day. This can mean a green smoothie or a large veggie filled salad. If you know you are going to a party in the evening make sure to have this for lunch so at least you get your greens in.

3. Make Sun Tea! A great healthy alternative to caffinated beverages or sodas in the summer, is making a batch of Organic Green Tea Sun Tea.  Its a perfect way to keep cool, feel refreshed and keep your energy up naturally. Just fill a glass jug with water and put in the appropriate amount of green tea bags ( I usually put 4-5 in my jug), mix in some Raw Organic Agave or Organic Maple Syrup and place jug in Sun for 25-30 mins until warm. Then place in the frig to cool and enjoy over ice!

So there you have it..your simple 3 steps to keeping this summer as healthy and happy as possible.

I will start back to my weekly blogs starting the week of August 12th as the kiddos will be back in school!

Cheers to your health!


Do you have a case of the Mondays??

Top of the morning to you!

Do you ever suffer from a case of the Mondays? I know that many people can feel like their bodies and minds are just not working properly come Monday morning for a variety of reason. I also know that Mondays statistically are the most common day of the week to suffer from a heart attack. So why does this day give us so much stress, and how can you help me get through it without a major health altering event? The answer lies in always putting me first! That may sound selfish of me, but it the long run you will thank me.

Here’s to the best Mondays of your life!

Love Your Body



For many people, especially Americans, Mondays serve as a day that brings different stress factors to the surface. If you are one of the 46% of people who don’t like their job, then you might be feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, in your stomach, and smashing your heart, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning.  So how do we stop this Manic Monday phenomenon? Follow these simple tips below and watch your Mondays transform from mechanical to magical!

1. Sleep: Get at least 8 hours of rest on Sunday night

2. Have a nutritious breakfast! Staring your day off with the right nutrients is essential for your brain function and energy for the rest of the day. Choose a meal that is rich in brain boosting minerals like a healthy super food shake or smoothie.

3. Take a Multi-vitamin: Scientific research from the Council  For Responsible Nutrition( CRN)  showed that taking a multivitamin regularly, especially one with minerals can help a variety of health issues. (When choosing a vitamin make sure to look for a high quality brand and not one found at the drug store.)

4. Go for Meatless Mondays: Even if you are a meat eater, opting for at least one day a week of a plant-based diet can improve your health on multiple levels. If you are someone who tends to grab fast foods when your stressed, set a goal to grab a healthy salad instead. Or, prep a healthy lunch the night before so you don’t feel tempted to pull through the drive thru.

5. Drink Water Instead of Caffeinated Beverages: When your body is dehydrated you can suffer from a variety of health aliments including low energy, headaches, fatigue, and even depression. A recent study done by the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory, found that even mild dehydration was linked to mental, emotional, and cognitive issues such as poor mental clarity,  low energy levels, and mood instability. So make sure to make water a priority everyday, not just on Mondays!

6. Get Some Fresh Air: If you are someone who works in doors in an office setting sometimes being stuck inside all day can affect your mood. Try taking a few 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day just to walk outside and breathe some fresh air. Do some light stretches and get our blood flowing. This will not only lift your mood but will also help your body cope with the stresses of the day.


Big News…..The Silent Scandal Is Going Global!!!

Helllooooooo you beautiful, healthy, talented, amazing readers!

I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with all of you… previous E book, The Silent Scandal, has been picked up by the publishing company, Motivational Press, and it is going to be re-released as an updated version later this Summer!!!! I am so excited as the book will be available in not only E book form, but hard copy and audio as well. Plus it will be available globally!!

I have added so much new and informative information that you must know for your health, so I am anxious and excited to get it out to the public asap!

I wanted to thank each of you for subscribing to my blog, as it means so much to me to have your support.

As the release date gets closer I will have some special gifts for you all. So stay tuned!!!

Have a blessed and healthy week!



Poison Patrol

I would never, ever, get angry with you, but sometimes I get upset. Most of the time you don’t stop to think about how much these chemicals can hurt me.

The chemicals I am talking about are called Pesticides and they are on a lot of things you eat. They make me feel sick, cloud my memory, take away my energy, and worse yet, if I have too many of them in me, I may not be able to protect you against illness and disease. That is my number one goal so please help me do my job!

So how do you avoid these chemicals? Start to look at the food you eat and choose foods that don’t contain these horrible things.

I am just saying, when I am happy, things are good! When I am not… well, I think you get the picture.

Happy Happy Day! I Love you!

Your Body


Pesticides are found in most of our foods nowadays, especially non-organic fruits and vegetables. The Dirty Dozen is a study conducted to show the most toxic fruits and veggies you might eat in your daily life. The problem with these chemicals, is that they accumulate in the fat deposits in the body. They will remain here unless you cleanse them out. Infants and young children are even exposed to these deadly poisons when consuming breast milk. Pregnant women can pass pesticides on to their fetus because those chemicals are going into their bodies from the foods they are eating. Women who eat meat that has been injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, pass these chemicals on to their nursing children as well. According to a study funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) it stated that, eating organic foods provides children with “dramatic and immediate” protection from exposure to pesticides that have been linked to harmful neurological effects.
It is highly important for your health and the health of your children to eat as much organically grown produce as possible, so that you can protect yourself from the dangers of these chemicals.
There is loads of information out there so you can learn more about pesticides and their dangers. Click here to start learning today.